Launch your web3 project in citizend

Citizend offers an end-to-end solution designed to optimize the long-term success of your token. Apply to list your project, and get additional support for compliance and liquidity with no fees!



Submit an application detailing the project’s fundraising goals along with additional project information.

Due diligence

Due diligence

Provide a legal opinion or undergo legal due diligence to confirm the legal status of the project’s token and assess token economics.



If all checks out, you will be able to list. However only the community will be able to decide if your project deserves a contribution slot.

Citizend does not charge
any upfront fees or impose transaction fees on the platform.

for projects in citizend

Projects that earn a contribution slot receive complimentary KYC/AML compliance checks.

Liquidity is critical for projects in their early stages. Citizend offers compelling solutions that support the interests of your project.


Citizend  adheres to all the needed compliance standards for KYC and AML, to ensure secure token launches for all parties involved.


Projects looking to list on citizend must provide a percentage of their total token supply for liquidity purposes, and will be paired with CTND token.

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