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What we stand for


One Person, One Voice, One Vote

We believe each person has a voice and a right to use it for what matters, regardless of their background or holdings.


Transparent & Community Curated

When power is given to people, incredible things happen. Any projects can apply to list in the platform, but only citizends can choose which get a contribution slot!

Fair access

Fair Access to All

We guarantee access and allocations for all verified citizends. No more raffles or allocations skewed by bots or whales.

Project support

Full project Support

We support all projects in citizend that successfully secure a contribution slot from the community with their compliance requirements and post-launch liquidity with no initial fees.

Long term

Long Term Project Nurturing

We believe patience and commitment pays off. We set ourselves to be long-term project nurturers, and optimize for community distribution, while still enabling price discovery.

Setting the standard for token launches in web3

Meet the
Partners and Backers

Fractal ID

Fractal ID is one of the leading KYC and compliance providers for web3 with more than 1.1m users verified and 250 projects supported since 2017. Fractal ID develops decentralized identity solutions for dApps and ecosystems to ensure a safer, privacy-preserving web3.

verified users

Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures, founded in 2014, is the largest web3-focused accelerator, with more than 270 projects accelerated and a network of 500+ investors and top VCs.

projects accelerated every year

Explore, Vote and Contribute

Citizend is a safe and transparent platform where you can discover and vote for great community-backed projects and contribute at different stages



Explore projects, sign up, and start your KYC process to prepare for voting.



Cast your single vote for your favorite project to help determine the winner of the contribution slot.



Contribute to the winning project, and take advantage of citizend’s innovative mechanics

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